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About Us

There has been is a lot of mixing of truth and fiction on social media, and a lot of individuals especially young people lack the cognitive ability to determine what is true and what is not on these social media platforms, this has created a careless culture of internet use, which is where the idea of ‘TruthBeTold’ was Birthed.

This platform ‘TruthBeTold’ aims at curbing fake news as it has impacted severely on the society and has caused a lot of bad decisions because of misinformation, information shapes our world view: we make critical decisions based on information. The idea of this project is creating a platform where researchers (Experts) can spread Facts on topics they care about to the misinformed world, thereby serving as a remedy against fake news.

We believe in the power of information

At Truth Be Told, we believe in the power of the human mind. The information people are exposed to effects the way they think and behave.


We are here with a simple and clear mission. To create a powerful platform for change. Helping people around the world to spread the truth about stories that matter.


Our Team at TruthbeTold believes we are the voice of the present and future generations. We aim to be the facts provider for news on the internet space around the world.
At TruthBeTold, we are not limited to a specific geographical location, we intend to get facts on stories that can be accessed and useful to people all over the world. Therefore, we intend to cut across all continents and achieve a global presence.
Our goal at TruthBeTold is to be the go-to platform for verification of stories and reports around the web. We have a vision to be the Quora of facts around the web